3 Layered Patient Bibs 13"x18" Great Quality and Very Durable
3 Layered Patient Bibs 13"x18" Great Quality and Very Durable
3 Layered Patient Bibs 13"x18" Great Quality and Very Durable

3 Layered Patient Bibs 13"x18" Great Quality and Very Durable

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100pcs per bag, and 5 bags are packed in each case

Dental Mates is proudly manufacturing the great quality dental patient bibs. It is made from thicker and more absorbent genuine natural wood bark material with much higher production quality than most of the other brands in the market. However, we are still offering it to our loyal customers at a really low price. Just like our other disposables. So don't wait and Try it out! 

Dental bibs, also known as dental napkins or patient bibs, are disposable, protective coverings used in dental and medical settings to help maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and infection control during procedures. These bibs are typically made of absorbent materials and are designed to protect the patient's clothing and skin from potential contaminants, such as water, saliva, dental materials, and other debris. Here's a description of dental bibs:

  1. Material: Dental bibs are usually made from a combination of materials, including layers of paper and plastic or tissue and polyethylene. The paper layer provides absorbency, while the plastic or polyethylene layer on the bottom prevents moisture from seeping through and reaching the patient's clothing.
  2. Size: Dental bibs come in various sizes, but they are typically rectangular in shape. The most common size is approximately 13 inches by 18 inches (33 cm x 46 cm). This size provides ample coverage and protection.
  3. Color: Dental bibs are available in various colors, with blue, pink, green, and white being some of the most common choices. The color of the bib is often a matter of personal preference or clinic policy.
  4. Foldable Design: Many dental bibs are pre-folded for easy placement and positioning on the patient. They may have creases or perforations that allow for quick and convenient unfolding before use.
  5. Waterproof Backing: The bottom layer of the dental bib is usually waterproof to prevent liquids and contaminants from soaking through to the patient's clothing. This backing also helps protect the dental chair from potential damage.
  6. Adhesive Strips: Some dental bibs come with adhesive strips or tabs on the backside, which can be used to secure the bib in place on the patient's chest or clothing.

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