Shining 3D AccuFab-L4K Dental 3D Printer

Shining 3D AccuFab-L4K Dental 3D Printer

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Shining Standard

The L4K/L4D is one of the latest additions to the Shining 3D's line of 3D Printers. It's unique design allows for handling a wide range of dentistry work with ease. L4K has high fidelity printing, which allows extraordinary detail and faster scan-to-3D results.  The L4K printer has extremely accurate results, over 96% of surface areas within 0.1mm margins of error. This accuracy generates much higher uniformity prints and superior surface finishes. The L4K is equipped with a large print area and 4k resolution, this allows the L4K to operate at a greater efficiency while still maintaining the high print quality.

The L4K has been rigorously tested and redesigned to be more reliable than most 3D printers on the market. District Cooling System (DCS) allows the L4K to maintain a stable temperature of its internal systems under heavier workloads, extending the lifespan of the L4K drastically. The L4K supports many different material options, including dental model, ortho model, surgical guide, castable wax and gingiva mask. L4K's systems are user-friendly and easy to setup. The accompanying software includes free updates and many different features which will benefit both newer users and professionals.   

Connecting the Future

Dental Cloud SHINING 3D’s cloud data platform enables data transmission, making it convenient for data transfer and communication between clinics, dental labs and other smart dental devices.

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