Dental Prophy Angles 90 degree Soft or Firm cup
Dental Prophy Angles 90 degree Soft or Firm cup

Dental Prophy Angles 90 degree Soft or Firm cup

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Each prophy angle is individually packed, 100pcs in a box, soft or firm cup, 90 degrees.

Prophy Angles with Soft cups are green body and green cups; while firm cups are grey with blue body.

Also known as prophy cups or prophy brushes, are essential tools used by dental professionals during teeth cleaning procedures, known as dental prophylaxis or prophy. These devices attach to a dental handpiece and help remove plaque, stains, and tartar from a patient's teeth. Here's a description of dental prophy angles:

Description: Dental prophy angles come in various shapes and sizes, but they generally consist of the following components:

  1. Cup: The cup is the working end of the prophy angle and is typically made of rubber or latex. It can have various shapes, such as a tapered cup, brush, or specialized design for specific cleaning purposes.

  2. Shank: The shank of the prophy angle is designed to attach to the dental handpiece. It typically has a screw-like structure that allows for easy connection to the handpiece.

  3. Gear or coupling: Prophy angles can have different types of gears or couplings to fit specific handpieces. There are screw-type and latch-type prophy angles to accommodate different dental handpiece designs.

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