Aligner Manufacturing - For Aligner, Retainers, Mouthguards

Aligner Manufacturing - For Aligner, Retainers, Mouthguards

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What we need from you?

Retainers, Mouth Guards: pick the materials, then upload your STL file or send us the impression tray.

Clear Aligners: STL files for both upper and lower jaws, full mouth X-Ray or CBCT, patient front and side photos, we will communicate with you during the treatment plan design and have you approve the case before we manufacture the aligners. Treatment plan cost is included. 

We use Zandura materials for your aligners/retainers, quality is always our top priority at Dental Mates! 

You can also order a treatment plan directly. Our designs come with 2 refinements, where the doctor can give feedback and we will alter our designs accordingly. Additional refinements are $50.00 each.  

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