Accufab-D1s Dental 3D Printer

Accufab-D1s Dental 3D Printer

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Shining Standard

With years of experience in the dental industry, Shining 3D designed the new Accufab-D1s with  a more intuitive and user-friendly workflow with even faster print speed and better accuracy. The D1s includes diverse resin material options, so that it can meet the diverse demands in restorative, implant and orthodontic applications. This is the ideal printer solution for all dental customers wishing to enter into the era of digital production.

Fast and Quality Prints 

The D1s has a print speed 50mm/h. D1s uses a patented pixel distortion correction algorithm and full HD 1080p projector to guarantee ultra-fine print accuracy and details. D1s also is equipped with a intelligent support creation and "one-click" printing function, providing a user-friendly printing experience. 

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